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Lucofin® in the building industry – durable, resistant and energy-efficient

Lucofin® products have established themselves as a versatile material in the construction industry and offer an impressive range of advantages that benefit both construction companies and the environment: Increased longevity and therefore fewer resources to maintain and energy efficiency to promoting sustainability. Their use therefore makes it possible to create more efficient and environmentally friendly, low-CO2 and sustainable buildings that meet the requirements of the modern construction industry.

Bird's eye view of industrial building with flat roof made of thermoplastic material

Durability and resistance

An outstanding advantage of thermoplastics such as Lucofin® in the construction industry is their extraordinary durability and resistance. These materials defy environmental conditions, be it extreme temperatures, moisture or biological influences.

Tunnel made of thermoplastic material with high resistance

Lightweight and low CO2

Lucofin® in construction impresses with its outstanding durability and resistance as well as its low CO2 footprint. A 1.5 mm plastic roofing membrane made of Lucofin® 1411, for example, contains only around 3.6 kg of CO2 per m2. Lucofin® withstands European environmental conditions, whether in terms of temperature, moisture or biological influences. They are also resistant to the effects of roots.

Building with durable and resistant gravel roof

Sustainability and environmental protection

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the construction industry, and recyclable thermoplastics play a crucial role in this. Their reusability is invaluable as they conserve resources while providing an efficient solution to the challenges of the circular economy.

Green roofs are another innovative way to promote sustainability. By capturing water and retaining rainwater, they not only help to reduce runoff problems, but also enable rainwater to be utilised sensibly. Green roofs not only serve as ecological buffer zones, but also promote biodiversity and contribute to the creation of a harmonious, environmentally friendly urban landscape.

Planted flat roofs of residential buildings made of plastics for roof waterproofing from LUCOBIT

Polymer modification of asphalt and bitumen

The resilience of our roads is significantly influenced by climatic conditions and the steady increase in car traffic. With the exponential increase in road users, especially heavy road traffic with high axle loads, roads and bridges are facing considerable challenges. These loads often manifest themselves in the form of ruts and cracks, which impair the service life of the road infrastructure. Comprehensive measures are required to counteract these negative developments.

The addition of Lucobit® 1210A proves to be an effective solution for significantly improving the mechanical properties of asphalt concrete, stone mastic and mastic asphalt. This helps to increase resistance to traffic loads and thus extend the service life of road infrastructure.

Road made of modified asphalt and bitumen


ProductMelt Index (MFI, 190°C/ 2,16 kg)Density at 23°CContent Comonomer (Butyl Acrylate)Content Acrylic AcidColorElongation at Break Type 5A (MD/TD)Stress at Break - Type 5 A (MD/TD)Length of Role (m)Roll WidthSoftening Point Ring and SpherePenetration at 25°CParticle SizeDownloads
Lucobatch 1410-1455MB_E----staubgrau, acc.RAL7037-------
Lucobatch 1410-t3----staubgrau, acc.RAL7037-------
Lucobatch 1412 FR-HI-1,6--light grey-------
Lucobatch 1412MB_E----light grey-------
Lucobatch 1412-t3 HI----light grey-------
Lucobatch 1412-t3 MB70----light grey-------
Lucobatch 1413-t3 HI------------
Lucobatch 1455MB_E----schwarz-------
Lucobatch 1850 T10-1,29--schwarz-------
Lucobatch 1850 T100-1,29--schwarz-------
Lucobatch 1850 T20-1,29--schwarz-------
Lucobatch 7500--7---------
Lucobatch 7600-1,14810---------
Lucobit 1210A-0,97----------
Lucobit 1210AC-0,97----------
Lucobit 1210AH-0,97----------
Lucobit 1210AP-0,97----------
Lucobit 1210AX-0,97----------
Lucobit 1218----schwarz-------
Lucobit 12330,60,93--schwarz-------
Lucobit 1233TR-1,04--schwarz-------
Lucobit 1235-0,95--schwarz-------
Lucobridge PV----schwarz-------
Lucofin 1410----staubgrau, acc.RAL7038-------
Lucofin 1410 M4,51,05--staubgrau, acc.RAL7037-------
Lucofin 1410-1414-t1----staubgrau, acc.RAL7039-------
Lucofin 1410-1414-t2----staubgrau, acc.RAL7040-------
Lucofin 1410-1414-t3----staubgrau, acc.RAL7041-------
Lucofin 1410-1455----staubgrau, acc.RAL7042-------
Lucofin 1410-t1-t3----staubgrau, acc.RAL7043-------
Lucofin 1411------------
Lucofin 1411 M4,51,05--staubgrau, acc.RAL7044-------
Lucofin 1411-t1-t3------------
Lucofin 1412----lichtgrau, acc. RAL 7036-------
Lucofin 1412 M4,51,05--lichtgrau, acc. RAL 7035-------
Lucofin 1412-t1-t3----lichtgrau, acc. RAL 7037-------
Lucofin 1413------------
Lucofin 1413-t1-t3------------
Lucofin 1414------------
Lucofin 1414-t1-t3------------
Lucofin 1415-1----------
Lucofin 1451------------
Lucofin 1452------------
Lucofin 1453------------
Lucofin 1454------------
Lucofin 1455 M4,51,01--schwarz-------
Lucofin 1455P----schwarz-------
Lucofin 1459------------
Lucofin 1460------------
Lucofin 1461------------
Lucogrid Bitumen-------500,97/1,50/1,95 (andere Breiten auf Anfrage)---
Lucogrid Glass-------500,97/1,50/1,95 (andere Breiten auf Anfrage)---
Lucogrid Glass120-------500,97/1,95---
Lucogrid Glass50-------500,97/1,95---
Lucolast 7010-0,924----------
Lucolast 7010AC-0,924----------
Lucolast 9200-0,94----------
Lucolast 9300-0,94----------
Lucolit 131090,98--grau-------
Lucolit 132090,98--beige-------
Lucolit 132190,98--blau-------
Lucolit 132290,98--rot-------
Lucolit 132390,98--grün-------
Lucolor blue----blue-------
Lucolor green----green-------
Lucolor red----red-------
Lucolor yellow----yellow-------
Lucoplant 205x-0,56--weiß------bis zu 5
Lucoplant 220x-0,56--weiß------bis zu 0,20-0,80
Lucoplant 230x-0,56--weiß------bis zu 0,30-1,00
Lucosoil 2400 D-~1,0-1,2--opaque-------
Lucosoil 2590 R-~1,0-1,2--off-white-------
Lucosol 60-S - Emulsion - Layer bonding----black-------
Luxbit 96---------90 -1001 - 6-

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