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Agriculturally grown plants under a protective film


LUCOBIT AG: Your partner for innovative solutions in agriculture

At LUCOBIT AG, we understand the unique challenges facing modern farmers. With our commitment to innovation and sustainability, we provide pioneering solutions for the agricultural industry. Our wide range of high-quality products and customised solutions help you to optimise the efficiency, productivity and environmental sustainability of your agricultural operations. Immerse yourself in our world of agricultural innovation and find the perfect solution for your individual requirements.

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ProductMonomer ContentpH Value 1 % by weight in waterWater AbsorptionStress at Break - Type 5 A (MD/TD)E-ModuleElongation at Break Type 5A (MD/TD)Melting Point (°C)Downloads
Lucofin 1083 DN---25/26-680/710 -
Lucofin 2033 DS---25/25-500/700 -
Lucofin 2133 VS---20/22-570/600101
Lucoplant 205x≤ 5006-7,5≥ 350----
Lucoplant 220x≤ 5006-7,5≥ 350----
Lucoplant 230x≤ 5006-7,5≥ 350----

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