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Lucowax® 1761 optimizes bitumen and asphalt

Nowadays, asphalt mixtures have to meet the highest standards, regardless of the diverse climatic and traffic conditions. In particular, strict requirements are imposed with regard to deformation, material fatigue, crack and track formation, with constant processing properties and optimized economic efficiency.

To accelerate individual processes, temperatures are often used that are too high, with the result that the polymers contained in the binder oxidize and their mechanical properties are negatively affected.

Asphalt road optimized by Lucowax with skyline in the background

Lucowax® 1761: Highest performance in asphalt modification

Lucowax® 1761 is a polyethylene wax used as an additive to modify bitumen or asphalt in the construction industry. By adding Lucowax® 1761 during the mixing process of polymer-modified bitumen (PmB), the bitumen's own viscosity is reduced and thus the processability is improved. The modified bitumen also has a higher softening point. The processing window of the modified mixture has become significantly larger. Water resistance and resistance to deformation are also improved, especially at high temperatures.

Desired side effect: Production and processing temperatures fall, heating costs fall, profitability increases, and the CO2 footprint becomes smaller. Additionally, Lucowax® 1761 supports a higher use of recycled asphalt (RAP) in the mix. The usual dosage is up to 5% in the binder, depending on the application.

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Lucowax® 1761 is used in asphalt mixtures when:

  • The asphalt is spread and compacted manually
  • The ambient temperatures are already quite low
  • There are longer periods of time between asphalt mixing and compaction
  • The production temperatures of hot mix asphalt (HMA) should be reduced
  • Recycling material should be easily incorporated into the hot mass

Features and benefits of Lucowax 1761®

  • First-class stabilization
  • Easy to use
  • Easy dosage
  • Good spectrum of effects
  • Improving asphalt processing
  • Lowering processing temperature
  • Versatile applications
Close-up of Lucowx 1761

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ProductE-ModulusMelt Flow Rate 200°C / 5 kgElongation at Break Fibre roving crossElongation at Break Fibre roving lengthTensile Force (kN/m) lengthModulus of Elasticity Fibre roving crossTensile Force (kN/m) crossModulus of Elasticity Fibre roving lengthDelivery formDensity at 20°CRefractive Index 20°CDensity at 15°CVDKFlash Point COCSulfide ContentPour PointKin. Viscosity 100°CFlash Point (Closed cup)Drop PointSolidication PointMelting Point (°C)pH ValueSolids Content Tensile Strength at Yield crossTensile Strength at Yield lengthTensile Strength at Yield diagonalElongation at Yield diagonalElongation at Yield lengthElongation at Yield crossRoll WidthD2-ViscosityDownloads
Lucogrid Bitumen--1,75≤4,5120 (bei 2,60% Dehung)≥ 240.000200 (bei 1,75 % Dehnung)≥73.000-----------------------
Lucogrid Glass--≤4,5≤4,5120 (bei 2,60% Dehung)≥73.000130 (bei 2,60% Dehung)≥73.000-----------------------
Lucogrid Glass120--<3<3120≥73.000120≥73.000-----------------------
Lucogrid Glass50--<3<350≥73.00050≥73.000-----------------------

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