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Lucocell®: The stabilizer for stone mastic asphalt

The production of stone mastic asphalt (SMA) requires an increased proportion of bitumen compared to other asphalts. Due to the high binder content, the stone mastic asphalt tends to experience so-called binder run-off when mixed and laid, a separation of low-molecular oily components from the matrix.

Lucocell® are microfibers made from cellulose that were specifically developed to modify stone mastic asphalt.

Trafficked highway made of stone mastic asphalt stabilized by Lucocell

Lucocell® in stone mastic asphalt (SMA) prevents binder runoff

Regardless of whether it is slow-moving heavy goods traffic, frequent braking and acceleration at bus stops or high temperatures over long periods of time - Lucocell® has proven itself in every respect.

Because of their 3D structure, the cellulose fibers of Lucocell® increase the viscosity of the bitumen. Excess oil is bound in the matrix, preventing separation of the asphalt mixture and binder runoff at high temperatures during storage, transport and installation. At the same time, Lucocell® promotes the formation of a thicker layer of bitumen around each rock particle, thereby protecting the aggregates from air and moisture contact and preventing the aggregates from detaching or breaking. The mass gains elastic resistance.

Lucocell® is easy to handle. During dry mixing, the microgranules are quickly broken down and distributed homogeneously throughout the rock mixture. Lucocell® should be placed in the middle of the mixer about 5-15 seconds before adding the bitumen to ensure even fiber distribution. The standard dosage amount of cellulose fibers is about 3 to 4 kg per ton of asphalt.

Contact us for further information and application advice.

Lucocell® fits all road asphalts in which SMA is used, such as

  • New construction of motorways and country roads
  • City streets and sidewalks
  • Parking spaces and garages
  • General road construction and rehabilitation
  • Airports
  • Industrial areas and logistics centers

Please note that the application of Lucocell® depends on the specific requirements of the project, local conditions and manufacturer recommendations

Features and benefits of Lucocell®

  • Pellets made from cellulose fibers
  • Easy to use
  • Prevents separation of components
  • No oil stains on the surface
  • Increasing the viscosity of the asphalt mixture
  • Protection of the aggregates through bitumen film build-up
  • Increase in elastic resistance
  • First-class stabilization
Lucocell pellets made from cellulose fibers

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ProductE-ModulusMelt Flow Rate 200°C / 5 kgElongation at Break Fibre roving crossElongation at Break Fibre roving lengthTensile Force (kN/m) lengthModulus of Elasticity Fibre roving crossTensile Force (kN/m) crossModulus of Elasticity Fibre roving lengthDelivery formDensity at 20°CRefractive Index 20°CDensity at 15°CVDKFlash Point COCSulfide ContentPour PointKin. Viscosity 100°CFlash Point (Closed cup)Drop PointSolidication PointMelting Point (°C)pH ValueSolids Content Tensile Strength at Yield crossTensile Strength at Yield lengthTensile Strength at Yield diagonalElongation at Yield diagonalElongation at Yield lengthElongation at Yield crossRoll WidthD2-ViscosityDownloads
Lucocell FG3000-------------------------------
Lucocell PE3700-------------------------------

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