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LUCOBIT in the consumer goods industry – user-friendly, versatile, durable and sustainable

Our product of the first hour is Lucobit®, Ludwigshafener Copolymer Bitumen. A product that was developed and patented by BASF SE in 1961 for roofing and gave our company its name. To this day, our Lucobit® ensures durable and robust roof coverings that can withstand all weather conditions. Its outstanding properties also make Lucobit® a good and durable choice for tunnel linings and house waterproofing.

We have now expanded our expertise and developed products for roof coverings based on polyolefins and our Lucofin®. These formulations ensure ease of installation (high flexibility, good weldability) and high stability against weather influences such as UV, cold and heat.

Two hands full of black LUCOBIT plastic granules

Lucofin® keeps it tight

Lucofin® is a material with high ductility. With hardnesses from 60 shore A to 45 shore D, our portfolio covers a wide range and also offers application possibilities in the sealing sector. We have developed our Lucofin® 1400SL to simplify the opening and closing of containers/valves. Equipped with a lubricant additive, the product significantly reduces the closing and opening forces.

Toothbrush on a white background made of Lucofin

Harvest earlier with Lucofin®

Modified plastic films have become established in agriculture as greenhouses. The high transparency and toughness of the materials used, as well as their ability to block heat radiation, allow agricultural products to grow faster. It is Lucofin® that gives the film these outstanding properties, enabling earlier and multiple harvests. See also Lucofin® in agriculture.

Colorful children's toy made of Lucofin plastic


ProductMelt Index (MFI, 190°C/ 2,16 kg)Density at 23°CContent Comonomer (Butyl Acrylate)Content Acrylic AcidColorElongation at Break Type 5A (MD/TD)Stress at Break - Type 5 A (MD/TD)Length of Role (m)Roll WidthSoftening Point Ring and SpherePenetration at 25°CParticle SizeDownloads
Lucofin 1400 CN RC1,10,8864-5---------
Lucofin 1400 HN1,40,92216---------
Lucofin 1400 PN150,92417---------
Lucofin 2124 LS40,92512---------
Lucofin 2271 VS1500,92427---------
Lucofin 2331 VS1500,92433---------
Lucofin 2334 TS400,92533---------
Lucowax 1705--0---------

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