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Lucofin® in agriculture – durable, resistant and functional

Lucofin® films play a key role in agriculture by preserving the quality of feed, protecting silage and optimising agricultural processes. Silage Sheets ensure an airtight seal for grass silage or maize silage with superior mechanical properties. Underlayer Films provide additional protection, Side Wall Films protect against fermentation acids, and Agricultural Stretch Films secure silage bales against weather and moisture. The 7-Layers Agricultural Stretch Film fulfils the highest quality standards.

Greenhouse Films provide robust weather protection, while Asparagus Films with Lucofin® offer optimum perspiration properties for heat regulation. Peat Films protect peat from the weather. These films benefit from Lucofin®, the integration of which leads to improved mechanical properties. In the next sections, the characteristics, applications and role of Lucofin® in modern agricultural practices will be discussed in more detail.

Agricultural land with plants wrapped in crop protection film

Asparagus Films with Lucofin®: Enhancing Yield, Quality, and Seasonal Control for Optimal Harvest

Asparagus films stand out for their exceptional weldability and secure welding seam, ensuring swift and trouble-free filling for optimal performance. The reliability of these essential mechanical properties is upheld through rigorous quality assurance.

In their black & white version, known as "control films," Lucofin® asparagus films serve a dual purpose. With the black side facing up, they absorb sunlight more effectively, expediting asparagus growth, especially in colder weather. Conversely, when the white side is up, the films reflect sunlight, a crucial advantage in hot weather to slow the growth spurt, extending the harvesting period and preserving quality.

Transparent asparagus films contribute to earlier harvests by creating a "mini-tunnel" effect when used in conjunction with the black & white cover, achieving temperatures exceeding 40°C as early as March.

Lucofin®, utilized as a mid/functional layer with colored outer layers, enhances mechanical behavior and facilitates heat regulation, ensuring perfect welding properties. For increased elongation, Lucofin with 17% BA can be used as a concentrate, mixed with LDPE.

Asparagus film on arable land for quality improvement and seasonal control of the harvest

Elevating Silage Protection: The Versatility and Durability of Agricultural Stretch Films

Lucofin® Agricultural stretch films play a pivotal role in creating silage bales, ensuring a reliable shield against weathering and moisture. Their excellent adhesive properties form an ideal seal around the bale, safeguarding it from external influences and preserving the high quality of the feed. These films are suitable for both round and square silage bales.

Produced through an advanced extrusion film-blown process, agricultural stretch films exhibit ultimate mechanical durability. The multi-layer extrusion guarantees exceptionally high-quality films, with consistent quality assurance ensuring an unparalleled level of puncture resistance.

The elasticity of agricultural stretch films makes them ideal for high-speed baling, a technique that maximizes silage production in less time – an essential efficiency factor in agriculture. The films come in different colors for heat reflection.

Lucofin® plays a crucial role in enhancing the film's properties, providing high elongation at break, optimal stretch behavior, reset properties, and stress cracking resistance. The three-layer structure of stretch film for baling incorporates Lucofin® as the mid-layer, combined with outer layers to give the film a sticky surface for an airtight seal.

Silage bales protected by agricultural stretch film made from Lucofin

Efficient and Sustainable: Lucofin®-Enhanced Greenhouse Films for Superior Protection

Greenhouse films provide robust protection against hail and adverse weather conditions. They are effortlessly laid out and suitable for all greenhouse types, catering to both large farms and small gardens with a remarkably swift yet customized installation process.

One key advantage of Greenhousefilm is its excellent thermal insulation. Lucofin® maintains transparency for sunlight while preventing heat loss by blocking its passage through the film. Additionally, the inclusion of UV Masterbatches ensures UV protection for many years, making these films ideal for use in regions with a high UV index, such as in indoor agriculture in Central and Southern Europe or Asia.

Greenhouse films, enhanced with Lucofin®, can be tailored to the precise climatic conditions of diverse regions based on customer preferences. Depending on the design, these films can serve for up to five years and boast a 100% recyclability feature.

Agricultural greenhouse with greenhouse film enhanced by Lucofin


ProductMelt Index (MFI, 190°C/ 2,16 kg)Density at 23°CContent Comonomer (Butyl Acrylate)Content Acrylic AcidColorElongation at Break Type 5A (MD/TD)Stress at Break - Type 5 A (MD/TD)Length of Role (m)Roll WidthSoftening Point Ring and SpherePenetration at 25°CParticle SizeDownloads
Lucofin 1400 CN RC1,10,8864-5---------
Lucofin 1400 HN1,40,92216---------
Lucofin 2033 DS0,30,9233---------

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