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For us at LUCOBIT AG, the responsible and sustainable use of natural resources is an integral part of our daily activities. For this reason, we welcome the new European chemicals legislation REACH, which came into force on 1 June 2007.

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What is REACH?

REACH is a regulation that governs the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemical substances. The scope of REACH includes phase-in substances and non-phase-in substances.

On 13 December 2006, the European Parliament adopted the draft for the new REACH chemicals regulation by a large majority. The Council of Ministers passed the law on 18 December 2006 and REACH therefore came into force on 1 June 2007.

REACH strengthens the autonomous behaviour of the chemical industry. The new legislation stipulates that it is no longer the national authorities but the industry that is responsible for the safe handling of marketed chemicals. REACH is intended to ensure a high level of protection for people and the environment in the long term and to strengthen consumer confidence in the chemical industry in the long term. At the same time, the regulation is intended to strengthen the competitiveness and innovative capacity of the chemical industry in the global market.

We at LUCOBIT have set ourselves the task of working together with our customers in a partnership and solution-orientated manner within the framework of the new European chemicals legislation. We have therefore compiled the most important information on REACH for you below so that we can continue to work with you in the future.

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