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Lucofin® EBA: Innovation in film production

The most widely used film extrusion process is tubular or blown film technology, which accounts for around 85% of total film production. The other major process is cast film extrusion, which accounts for around 10-12% of total polythene film production.

Blown films generally have a better balance of mechanical properties than cast or extruded films, as they are drawn in both the transverse and machine directions. The almost uniform properties in both directions maximise the toughness of the film. Cast film has a more effective cooling process than blown film, resulting in less haze and better gloss. In addition, cast film has a thickness variation of only 1 to 2 % compared to 3 to 4 % for blown film.

Large industrial machine for the production of film products from Lucofin

Advanced copolymer solutions for films: Lucofin® EBA

Lucofin® (EBA) is a pioneering product range for film production. This innovative copolymer line is characterised by outstanding properties that enable a wide range of applications in various industries. Thanks to its excellent adhesion properties, Lucofin® provides a reliable bond between different substrates, resulting in high quality end products. In addition, Lucofin® is characterised by impressive thermal stability, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

The flexibility and tensile strength of Lucofin® at low temperatures make it the optimal choice for applications requiring extreme environmental conditions. These properties are crucial to ensure reliable performance even under extreme conditions. With a wide range of applications, from monolayer to multilayer films, Lucofin® offers versatile solutions for film production. Whether in packaging applications, construction, agriculture or specialised industries, Lucofin® demonstrates its strength and reliability.

Overall, Lucofin® is an advanced copolymer that sets the standard in film production. With its outstanding properties and versatile application possibilities, it is a first-class choice for demanding film applications in various industries.

Versatile applications of Lucofin® in film production: from monolayer to frozen films

This wide range of applications demonstrates the versatility of Lucofin® in the film industry.

  • Monolayer films
  • Multilayer films
  • Modifier films
  • Heavy duty films
  • HF-weldable films
  • Agricultural films
  • Gloves
  • Urine bags
  • Packaging films
  • Peel/seal films
  • Frozen films

High-quality benefits for first-class film products

  • Excellent processability: Lucofin® enables smooth and efficient processing in various film manufacturing processes.
  • Optimum adhesion: It ensures reliable adhesion between different film layers, resulting in improved end product quality.
  • High mechanical strength: Films containing Lucofin® are characterised by increased strength and resilience, resulting in resilient end products.
  • Excellent barrier properties: Lucofin® can help to improve the barrier properties of films, which is particularly important for packaging applications.
  • Customisable flexibility: Depending on requirements, the flexibility of the films can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of different applications.
  • Chemical resistance: Lucofin® films are resistant to many chemicals, which expands their application possibilities in various industries.
  • Good appearance: Films with Lucofin® often have improved transparency and gloss, which is an advantage for many applications.
  • Environmentally friendly: Lucofin® is a polymer that is easy to recycle, resulting in more sustainable film products.
Two hands full of colorless plastic granules made of Lucofin

Folder film




ProductStress at Break - Type 5 A (MD/TD)E-ModuleElongation at Break Type 5A (MD/TD)Shore Hardness AMelting Point (°C)Downloads
Lucofin 1083 DN25/26-680/710- -
Lucofin 1400 CN RC12-> 60096 - 98-
Lucofin 1400 HN12-> 8003497
Lucofin 1400 MN11-> 800-95
Lucofin 1400 SL-62-9096
Lucofin 2033 DS25/25-500/700- -
Lucofin 2133 VS20/22-570/600-101
Lucofin 2174 FS29/30-750/850-96
Lucofin 2400 MN7,5-600-82
Lucopren 1505-55---57-
Lucowax 1705-----

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