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Flexible polymerS

LUCOBIT AG: Your expert for Flexible Polymers

Discover the world of flexible polymers with LUCOBIT AG – your reliable partner for innovative polymer solutions. We offer a wide range of high-quality products that are characterised by their versatility, stability and environmental compatibility. Our customised solutions are used in various industries, from construction to packaging materials. Immerse yourself in our innovative world of flexible polymers and find the ideal solution for your specific requirements.

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ProductStress at Break - Type 5 A (MD/TD)E-ModuleElongation at Break Type 5A (MD/TD)Shore Hardness AMelting Point (°C)Downloads
Lucobatch 7500-----
Lucobatch 7600-----
Lucofin 1000SA1957-9808376
Lucofin 1083 DN25/26-680/710- -
Lucofin 1400 CN RC12-> 60096 - 98-
Lucofin 1400 HN12-> 8003497
Lucofin 1400 HN Powder-50-9097
Lucofin 1400 MN11-> 800-95
Lucofin 1400 MN Powder1345> 800-95
Lucofin 1400 PN854> 6009095
Lucofin 1400 SL-62-9096
Lucofin 1470-84--96
Lucofin 1492 MHG-----
Lucofin 2033 DS25/25-500/700- -
Lucofin 2124 LS14-70091100
Lucofin 2133 VS20/22-570/600-101
Lucofin 2174 FS29/30-750/850-96
Lucofin 2202 RS8-7208789
Lucofin 2271 VS3-5507676
Lucofin 2273 KS8-7709080
Lucofin 2331 VS1,9-5406064
Lucofin 2334 TS3,4-7006869
Lucofin 2400 MN7,5-600-82
Lucolor 7137 black-----
Lucopren 1500 H--> 95088140
Lucopren 1500 M--> 85088143
Lucopren 1505-55---57-
Lucowax 1705-----

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