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Sustainable water management with LUCOBIT: Innovation in large-scale hydraulic engineering

The Romans already had the ability to collect, store, direct and use water as needed centuries BC. BC dominated and exported. Today, LUCOBIT plays an important role in water supply because it supplies products that meet the essential requirements for the efficient use of water as a resource.

Plastic seals for water reservoirs and canals are essential for a functioning water supply, both from a technical and economic perspective. Any water storage tank must be waterproof for many years and should be easy to maintain. The same applies to the pipe system.

In order to achieve these goals, LUCOBIT, as a manufacturer of suitable raw materials for water reservoirs and canals, has a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Water channel in a landscape with a plastic sealing from LUCOBIT

Lucobit®: The reliable sealing membrane for water reservoirs and canals

Products in the Lucobit® family are the result of an intelligent combination of polyolefins and bitumen, resulting in impressive versatility. The bitumen is finely dispersed in a spherical shape in the continuous plastic matrix and fulfills a dual function: bitumen not only acts as a softening agent, but also as an internal lubricant. This unique composition gives Lucobit® outstanding toughness, high biaxial elongation and exceptional flexibility, even under extreme conditions and at low temperatures.

Another factor is the special stabilization of Lucobit®. This means that seals made of Lucobit® can withstand environments with intense sunlight and high temperatures, e.g. during the construction phase, without having to compromise on the overall property profile.

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Lucobit®: Roman irrigation systems as a model

With Lucobit® 1233, water reservoirs, canals and dams can be sealed effectively and reliably. This contributes to the operational safety of hydraulic engineering projects, reduces maintenance costs and increases the safety of water infrastructure projects.

Our products offer proven technical solutions for utility systems, including:

  • Large-scale canal and irrigation systems as well as the recultivation of landscapes
  • Dams and dams to ensure drinking water supplies
  • General water containers for storing water reserves
  • Lining of elevated tanks in certain geographical locations
  • Insulation of steel pipes as protection against corrosion (steel pipe coating)

Features and benefits of Lucobit®

  • UV and heat stabilized, so long-term resistant to sunlight and heat
  • Outstanding mechanical properties guarantee high resilience and longevity
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals, ensuring seals remain reliably tight even in demanding environments
Plastic bag full of black plastic granulate and a hand taking it out

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