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Efficient plant growth for high yields with Lucoplant®

Lucoplant® is a new product from LUCOBIT AG that has been specially developed to promote the growth and health of plants. This innovative product provides a perfectly balanced water supply that allows plants to develop their full potential.

Lucoplant®: Revolutionary plant care for sustainable growth and vitality

Lucoplant® is a white plastic granulate and promotes plant growth by providing a sustained and targeted supply of water. The unique formula of Lucoplant® leads to an even distribution of moisture in the root area, preventing waterlogging. The vigorous root development has a stabilising effect on the soil structure. The plants become demonstrably more resistant to environmental influences and diseases and more vigorous. Lucoplant® is suitable for a wide range of plant species, regardless of their stage of development.

For example, trees are supported by adding 10 - 20 g Lucoplant® per tree in the planting bale, tea plants and vegetable plantations can double their yields with Lucoplant® in the soil, and professional golf turf saves up to 50% on watering and maintenance.

Lucoplant® is worked directly into the planting soil at a dosage of 4 - 8 kg / 1000 m². Its environmentally friendly composition does not burden ecosystems and also enables a significant increase in yield. The application of Lucoplant® is uncomplicated and demonstrably helps to reduce the amount of maintenance required.

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Sustainable plant care with Lucoplant®

  • Regulates the water balance of dry and/or wet soils
  • Stabilises sandy and/or wet soils
  • Water storage function helps during dry periods
  • Stabilises growth with changing soil quality
  • Loosens up firm soils
  • Ideal for potted plants

Features and benefits of Lucoplant®

  • Water-retaining, colourless plastic granulate
  • Increased water retention in the soil
  • Targeted release of water to the substrate, resulting in
  • Efficient and even nutrient consumption
  • Improvement of the soil structure, no waterlogging
  • Results in optimum yields and
  • Increases resistance to harmful environmental influences
  • Protects the ecosystem
  • Is non-biodegradable, remains in the soil, works for several years
  • Wide range of applications - suitable for almost all types of plants


ProductMonomer ContentpH Value 1 % by weight in waterWater AbsorptionStress at Break - Type 5 A (MD/TD)E-ModuleElongation at Break Type 5A (MD/TD)Melting Point (°C)Downloads
Lucoplant 205x≤ 5006-7,5≥ 350----
Lucoplant 220x≤ 5006-7,5≥ 350----
Lucoplant 230x≤ 5006-7,5≥ 350----

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