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Thermoplastic polyolefins in electrical engineering – compact, insulating and versatile

Thermoplastic polyolefins have established themselves as versatile and indispensable materials within electronics industry. They offer an impressive range of benefits that help to improve electronic products and increase efficiency in production: lightweight and space-saving products, first-class insulation and protection and freedom of design. Their contribution to the electronics industry contributes to the manufacture of modern, safe and efficient electronic products.

Man at a 3D printer made of thermoplastic polyolefins

Lightweight and space saving

An outstanding advantage of thermoplastic polyolefins in electronics is their low weight. This enables the production of lightweight and compact electronic devices. Saving space in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets contributes to handiness and mobility, while optimal space utilisation is of great importance in industrial electronics.

Rolled flat cable made of thermoplastic polyolefins

Insulation and protection

Thermoplastic polyolefins offer excellent insulating properties and serve as protection for electronic components. They insulate reliably against electrical cables and prevent short circuits. This protective effect is crucial for the safety and reliability of electronic products.

Man at an electrical station which is insulated by thermoplastic polyolefins

Versatility and design freedom

The versatility of thermoplastic polyolefins enables the production of complex housings and components with high precision. This opens up a wide range of design possibilities for designers and engineers. From innovative shapes to structured surfaces – thermoplastics offer the freedom to develop creative solutions.

Cross-section of a cable whose housing is made of thermoplastic polyolefins


ProductMelt Index (MFI, 190°C/ 2,16 kg)Density at 23°CContent Comonomer (Butyl Acrylate)Content Acrylic AcidColorElongation at Break Type 5A (MD/TD)Stress at Break - Type 5 A (MD/TD)Length of Role (m)Roll WidthSoftening Point Ring and SpherePenetration at 25°CParticle SizeDownloads
Lucobatch 7500--7---------
Lucobatch 7600-1,14810---------
Lucofin 1083 DN0,350,9248---------
Lucofin 1400 HN1,40,92216---------
Lucofin 1400 MN70,92417---------
Lucofin 1400 PN150,92417---------
Lucofin 2334 TS400,92533---------

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