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Longevity and safety when sealing the surface of landfills with Lucobit®

The sealing of a landfill, especially the top cover, is of great importance for groundwater protection, as it is essential to avoid substances being washed out of the landfill body by rainwater. This places high demands on material selection and execution. A landfill seal must be durable over decades and resist both the influences of chemicals and biological effects (e.g. microbes).

Reliable and safe joining technology, such as hot air or hot wedge welding, is just as important as quick installation. In addition to being resistant to various substances, the waterproofing membrane must be biologically neutral and free of plasticizers or other leachable substances that could end up in landfill or groundwater.

Landfill with a surface sealing made of Lucobit

Lucobit® 1233 – Flexible, waterproof solutions for landfill construction

Sealing membranes made from Lucobit® 1233 (ECB, ethylene copolymer bitumen) are flexible and soft even at low temperatures, which allows them to be molded to uneven surfaces and substrates. This property is particularly advantageous when laying as a landfill surface cover in autumn and winter. The stabilizers contained in the plastic are not leached by water, meaning that the sheets remain permanently stable against oxidants and their mechanical and chemical properties remain intact. They are extremely resistant to mechanical stress such as tension, pressure and impact.

Lucobit® 1233 is resistant to a wide range of chemicals; resistance is not expected to decrease over time. The thermoplastic welding of the membranes on site is carried out easily using common methods such as hot air or hot wedges. In order to better identify defects on the surface of the sealing membrane, the membranes can also be provided with light or silver laminating film. If necessary, the surface can be given a non-slip structure to avoid accidents during laying work and to prevent the surface substrate from slipping during landfill renaturation.

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Lucobit®: Protection against landfill leaching

  • Landfill surface sealing
  • Ideally suited for renaturation measures

Features and benefits of Lucobit®

  • Black granules
  • Permanently waterproof
  • Secure welds
  • Available with light laminating film
  • Long-term mechanical durability
  • Flexibility and shaping
  • Easy installation
  • Versatility
  • Environmental friendliness
Black plastic granules on a white background


ProductUV ExposureElongation at Break (23°C, 50% r.h. press plate)MVR, 190° C, 2,16 kgCold FlexibilityTear Strength (23°C, 50% r.h. press plate)Downloads
Lucobit 1233> 5000 h-4,5< - 40-
Lucobit 1233TR> 5000 h-4,5< - 40-
Lucobit 1235> 5000 h-4,5< - 40-

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