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Lucophalt®: Sets standards in asphalt repair – multifunctional and powerful

Every asphalt road shows more or less signs of wear over time. To ensure safety and driving comfort, regular inspection of the road condition and, if necessary, early maintenance measures are essential.
Lucophalt® is a ready-made asphalt mixture and bridges small cracks and potholes. For larger damage, such as deep cracks or settlements, more complex renovation is often necessary.

High-quality repair asphalts, such as Lucophalt®, are characterized by their high adhesive strength, water resistance and resistance to deformation and aging.

Regular maintenance of asphalt roads is an important contribution to traffic safety and extending the lifespan of the road infrastructure. By using high-quality materials and professional repair procedures on existing minor road damage, the roadways will be effectively repaired and the roadways will be returned to a safe and roadworthy condition before extensive renovation work becomes necessary.

Asphalt with a pothole

Versatile application, robust repair results, cost-effective use

Lucophalt® is a dry mix in powder form based on Trinidad natural asphalt (TNA), mixed with polymer powder and limestone. This unique combination gives the asphalt a property profile that is needed for modern repairs on asphalt roads. Lucophalt® can be used in a variety of ways and is particularly suitable for hot repairs of damaged areas on roads and other bituminous traffic surfaces. The material is easy to use and delivers outstanding results in terms of quality and durability.

When stored in a dry place and away from direct sunlight, Lucophalt® has an almost unlimited shelf life. The usual dosage in asphalt production is up to 2% in the binder.

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Optimal road surfaces after renovation

  • Potholes
  • Cracks
  • Put
  • Depressions in the road
  • Core drilling
  • Restoration of the road surface after milling work, e.g. removal of old road markings

Features and benefits of Lucophalt®

  • Long shelf life
  • Homogeneity and compactability
  • Easy dosing in hot asphalt
  • Excellent adhesion strength
  • Resistance to environmental influences
Liquid lucophalt on a white background


ProductE-ModulusMelt Flow Rate 200°C / 5 kgElongation at Break Fibre roving crossElongation at Break Fibre roving lengthTensile Force (kN/m) lengthModulus of Elasticity Fibre roving crossTensile Force (kN/m) crossModulus of Elasticity Fibre roving lengthDelivery formDensity at 20°CRefractive Index 20°CDensity at 15°CVDKFlash Point COCSulfide ContentPour PointKin. Viscosity 100°CFlash Point (Closed cup)Drop PointSolidication PointMelting Point (°C)pH ValueSolids Content Tensile Strength at Yield crossTensile Strength at Yield lengthTensile Strength at Yield diagonalElongation at Yield diagonalElongation at Yield lengthElongation at Yield crossRoll WidthD2-ViscosityDownloads
Lucophalt------------------------------appr. 2960
Lucophalt 500----------1,528942,40,8872710,92419,6--------------
Lucophalt 5138----------1,5429720,90130041560--------------

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