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Revolutionary asphalt reinforcement:
Lucogrid® redefines road construction

Asphalt reinforcement as a crack prevention or as a renovation method has established itself on the market because of its effectiveness. The high renovation costs for filling cracks and the consequential damage of untreated cracks can be avoided by installing Lucogrid® in critical areas during the initial installation. Lucogrid® asphalt reinforcements are installed on roads of all construction classes, from farm roads to motorways,

If cracks have appeared in the asphalt structure, renovation with Lucogrid® is the permanent solution. In most cases, no expensive full expansion is necessary as long as the road's load-bearing capacity is guaranteed.

Lucogrid® asphalt reinforcements meet the requirements of existing regulations and are the economical and sustainable solution for the rehabilitation of roads. Extensive tests at established institutes have proven its effectiveness

Asphalt with a crack

More than just a grid: Lucogrid® for lasting road quality

Lucogrid® is a flexible reinforcing grid made of a heat-resistant polymer or fiberglass that is completely coated with bitumen. The grid is flexible, easy to lay and can be placed directly under the asphalt surface layer. The nodes adapt to the curve radius when laying, which makes laying with large to medium curve radii easier. The grid also adapts to the subsurface and the grain structure of the new top layer thanks to its open knot structure. This creates good interlocking and later a good layer bond.

The asphalt reinforcements from Lucogrid® GLASS offer a shear-resistant bond with the asphalt, similar to the reinforcement in reinforced concrete construction. This means they are able to absorb the tensile forces that cause cracks and keep them away from the asphalt surface layer. This delays or prevents the appearance of cracks on the surface in the long term.

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Renovate instead of renew: Lucogrid® saves time, money and resources
Well-known examples of use include:

  • In new buildings as crack prevention
  • Rehabilitation of roads with cracks and settlements
  • Road widening and strengthening
  • Bike paths and sidewalks
  • Inner city streets
  • Motorways and federal highways
  • Racetracks

Features and benefits of Lucogrid®

  • Bituminated mesh roll
  • Variety of applications
  • Shorter construction times
  • Avoiding road closures
  • Economic restructuring
  • Longer road life
  • Sustainability and environmental protection
Bituminized grid called Lucogrid in road construction


ProductE-ModulusMelt Flow Rate 200°C / 5 kgElongation at Break Fibre roving crossElongation at Break Fibre roving lengthTensile Force (kN/m) lengthModulus of Elasticity Fibre roving crossTensile Force (kN/m) crossModulus of Elasticity Fibre roving lengthDelivery formDensity at 20°CRefractive Index 20°CDensity at 15°CVDKFlash Point COCSulfide ContentPour PointKin. Viscosity 100°CFlash Point (Closed cup)Drop PointSolidication PointMelting Point (°C)pH ValueSolids Content Tensile Strength at Yield crossTensile Strength at Yield lengthTensile Strength at Yield diagonalElongation at Yield diagonalElongation at Yield lengthElongation at Yield crossRoll WidthD2-ViscosityDownloads
Lucogrid Bitumen--1,75≤4,5120 (bei 2,60% Dehung)≥ 240.000200 (bei 1,75 % Dehnung)≥73.000-----------------------
Lucogrid Glass--≤4,5≤4,5120 (bei 2,60% Dehung)≥73.000130 (bei 2,60% Dehung)≥73.000-----------------------
Lucogrid Glass120--<3<3120≥73.000120≥73.000-----------------------
Lucogrid Glass50--<3<350≥73.00050≥73.000-----------------------

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