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Versatile Lucofin® EBA hotmelt adhesives: Flexible, robust and reliable!

In an ever-growing world where reliability and performance are crucial, Lucofin® EBA (ethylene butyl acrylate copolymers) is setting new standards in the field of hot melt adhesives. These innovative adhesives not only offer impressive adhesion, but also remarkable thermal resistance, flexibility and cold resistance. They therefore open up a wide range of possibilities for demanding applications and have proven themselves in various branches of industry.

Lucofin® EBA stands for outstanding performance and absolute reliability. These hotmelt adhesives are the ideal choice for projects that require strong adhesion, resistance to temperature fluctuations and flexibility at low temperatures.

Lucofin® EBA hot melt adhesives are synonymous with innovative bonding solutions and have established themselves as reliable partners in various industries. Their high thermal stability allows them to work even at elevated temperatures if required, while their low water absorption emphasises their performance, even in humid environments. Rely on Lucofin® EBA to push the boundaries of your bonding applications and achieve reliable, long-lasting results."

Close-up of a hot glue gun and hot glue sticks made from EBA hot melt adhesives

Reliable adhesion for demanding applications!

Lucofin® EBA hotmelt adhesives are a pioneering solution for high-quality bonding applications. They offer an unbeatable combination of adhesion, thermal resistance and flexibility, making them indispensable in a wide range of applications. The exceptional tensile strength of these hot melt adhesives at low temperatures makes them the preferred choice even in challenging environments. The use of Lucofin® EBA spans diverse industries, including graphic design, bookbinding, packaging, carpet production and the textile and furniture industries.

Thanks to their remarkable thermal stability, they can even be processed at temperatures of up to 280°C if required, which is an advantage in special applications. In addition, they are characterised by low water absorption, which underlines their performance even in humid environments. Lucofin® EBA hot melt adhesives have a wide range of applications and their excellent properties have made them a favourite choice in demanding industries. Rely on the proven quality and reliability of Lucofin® EBA to ensure first-class bonding solutions for your projects."

Lucofin® EBA hotmelt adhesives: Versatile solutions for demanding applications!

These applications demonstrate the versatility and reliability of Lucofin® EBA hot melt adhesives in various industries.

  • Graphics industry: Ideal for the production of graphic products such as stickers, labels and packaging
  • Bookbinding: Ensures durable binding of books and other printed products
  • Packaging industry: Ideal for the secure bonding of packaging materials, especially with different substrates
  • Carpet backing: Provides reliable adhesion for the fixation of carpet backing
  • Textile industry: Suitable for the manufacture of textile products and the bonding of various textile materials
  • Furniture industry: Supports the manufacture of furniture through reliable bonding of different materials

Features and benefits of Lucofin®

  • Maximum performance at variable temperatures: Designed to ensure the best possible performance over a wide operating temperature range, Lucofin® hot melt adhesives offer reliable adhesion and high stability against thermal degradation.
  • Versatile applicability: Lucofin® is known for its softness, toughness and ability to adhere to various substrates. This enables a wide range of applications.
  • Low processing temperature: Thanks to its lower glass transition temperature (EBA: -50 °C, compared to EVA: -30 °C), Lucofin® offers better performance at lower temperatures.
  • Low water absorption: Even with a comparable comonomer content, Lucofin® has a lower water absorption, which emphasises its reliability in humid environments.
  • High thermal stability: Lucofin® allows higher processing temperatures (up to 280 °C) if required, which can be an advantage in special applications.
Two hands full of colorless plastic granules from Lucofin


ProductStress at Break - Type 5 A (MD/TD)E-ModuleElongation at Break Type 5A (MD/TD)Shore Hardness AMelting Point (°C)Downloads
Lucofin 2271 VS3-5507676
Lucofin 2331 VS1,9-5406064
Lucofin 2334 TS3,4-7006869

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