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Bitumen Modification with Lucolast® 7010:
Longer durability, fewer cracks, better roads

The properties of bitumen, which is used as a standard binder in road asphalt, are highly dependent on temperature. Therefore, the resistance of asphaltene at higher temperatures is not without problems. One characteristic value is the plasticity range of the binder, which is defined as the difference between the softening point RuK (ring and ball) and the breaking point according to Fraaß. These values allow a statement to be made about the temperature behavior and suitability for use of the intended asphalt.

Modifying bitumen with plastics, e.g. Lucolast® 7010, is a proven approach to improving the properties. In particular, it aims to increase the plasticity range, i.e. to increase the strength at higher temperatures, and, if possible, to also improve the plasticity at low temperatures. Important properties such as adhesion or viscosity must not be impaired at the respective processing temperature.

The modified binders must of course also withstand the usual processing temperatures of asphalt processing (up to 180°C for rolled asphalt and 240°C for mastic asphalt) as well as the long-term exposure of the asphalt to UV radiation.

Modified bitumen with Lucolast plastic

Lucolast® 7010: Higher temperature resistance and flexibility

Lucolast® 7010 is a high-quality plastic granulate made from ethylene and butyl acrylate, which specifically improves the temperature resistance and cold flexibility of the bitumen used and thus significantly increases the plasticity range in both directions. By adding Lucolast® 7010 to the bitumen, road surfaces become more durable, flexible and resistant to aging processes.

Lucolast® 7010 protects the bitumen from harmful UV radiation and is stabilized against aging. This means that the binder retains its quality and performance over a longer period of time and temperature range, reducing maintenance costs and thus reducing overall costs.

Overall, Lucolast® 7010 offers an environmentally friendly and economical solution for expanding the plasticity range of the bitumen used. The usual dosage is up to 5% in the binder, depending on the application. Mixing at 165 - 195°C in commercially available stirring units takes 1 - 3 hours; when using high-shear mixers, the dosage must be increased slightly due to the inevitable mechanical degradation of the polymer.

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Lucolast® 7010 can be found in a variety of bitumen modifications, including

  • Cover layers according to ZTV asphalt
  • Mastic asphalt, even on inclined surfaces such as ramps
  • Chip mastic asphalt
  • Special asphalt surfaces, such as open-pored asphalt
  • Thin bituminous covering layers for hot laying
  • Incorporating recycled asphalt into new asphalt layers

Features and benefits of Lucolast® 7010

  • Plastic granules
  • Increase in viscosity at higher temperatures
  • Expansion of the plasticity range
  • Increasing the softening point (ring and ball)
  • Lowering of the breaking point according to Fraaß
  • Improved stretchability at low temperatures
  • Reducing ductility
  • Enables economical recycling of asphalt mixtures
Lucolast plastic granules during the composition of an asphalt mixture

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ProductE-ModulusMelt Flow Rate 200°C / 5 kgElongation at Break Fibre roving crossElongation at Break Fibre roving lengthTensile Force (kN/m) lengthModulus of Elasticity Fibre roving crossTensile Force (kN/m) crossModulus of Elasticity Fibre roving lengthDelivery formDensity at 20°CRefractive Index 20°CDensity at 15°CVDKFlash Point COCSulfide ContentPour PointKin. Viscosity 100°CFlash Point (Closed cup)Drop PointSolidication PointMelting Point (°C)pH ValueSolids Content Tensile Strength at Yield crossTensile Strength at Yield lengthTensile Strength at Yield diagonalElongation at Yield diagonalElongation at Yield lengthElongation at Yield crossRoll WidthD2-ViscosityDownloads
Lucobit 1210A-------------------------------
Lucobit 1210AC-------------------------------
Lucobit 1210AH-------------------------------
Lucobit 1210AP-------------------------------
Lucobit 1210AX-------------------------------
Lucolast 7010-------------------------------
Lucolast 7010AC-------------------------------
Lucolast 920061~4-----------------------------
Lucolast 930061~4-----------------------------
Lucowax 1761---------0,5-1,0-------> 15075-12080-11070-120----------

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