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Lucofin® in sport and leisure – performance-enhancing, hard-wearing and sustainable

The elastic properties of Lucofin® make the material suitable for the manufacture of sports and leisure articles. Lucofin® helps to increase the performance and comfort of athletes and leisure enthusiasts. By foaming, manufacturers of sports equipment reduce the weight of their products. These foams also act as a spring element to protect against injuries and to absorb shocks. Product developers count on the resilience of Lucofin® to make the right products. As with many brands with a strong image, the brand owners of sporting goods insist on sustainability and, in particular, recyclability when selecting their materials. Lucofin® fully fulfils these criteria.

Sports mat half rolled out with a dumbbell lying on it

Lightweight and improved performance

In addition to comfort and protection, cost savings are an important advantage of Lucofin® for sports and leisure articles. A lower material requirement is also desirable here. The manufacture of lightweight equipment and clothing that allows greater freedom of movement during sports and leisure activities requires materials such as Lucofin®. The material can be applied as a functional additive or as a special layer. The result is high-performance, cost-effective, thin-walled and often foamed products for sport and leisure.

A woman in sportswear with a water bottle in her hand and a sports mat under her arm

Durability and safety

Especially in combination with urethane-based thermoplastics, Lucofin® materials are characterised by their high durability and impact resistance. They are used in helmets, protective clothing and sports equipment to protect athletes from injury. These materials absorb impacts and offer reliable protection without being heavy and bulky.

Sports shoes with a durable Lucofin sole

Environmentally friendly and sustainable

Sustainability is playing an increasingly important role in the sports and leisure industry. Lucofin® solutions are recyclable and contribute to the reduction of waste. They are environmentally friendly and support efforts to reduce the ecological footprint of the sports and leisure industry.

Woman filling water from a drinking bottle into a container


ProductMelt Index (MFI, 190°C/ 2,16 kg)Density at 23°CContent Comonomer (Butyl Acrylate)Content Acrylic AcidColorElongation at Break Type 5A (MD/TD)Stress at Break - Type 5 A (MD/TD)Length of Role (m)Roll WidthSoftening Point Ring and SpherePenetration at 25°CParticle SizeDownloads
Lucofin 1400 PN150,92417---------
Lucofin 2271 VS1500,92427---------
Lucofin 2273 KS3,50,92727---------
Lucofin 2331 VS1500,92433---------

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