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Safety and durability: Steel and concrete bridges do not have to corrode

Both steel and concrete bridges are largely unprotected from the elements and environmental stresses, meaning that over time their load-bearing capacity is severely weakened by corrosion. To ensure the longevity and safety of these important infrastructure components, effective sealing to protect the structure is essential.

In steel bridges, corrosion of the steel must be prevented as this can compromise the structural integrity. An effective seal protects the steel from moisture and aggressive environmental influences. The sealing system must be chosen to ensure long-term adhesion to the steel while being flexible enough to absorb the natural movements of the bridge.

In concrete bridges, water ingress and moisture during rain are one of the main causes of damage to the load-bearing concrete and reinforcement. Moisture can cause concrete to peel, crack and iron reinforcement to corrode. Effective sealing prevents water from penetrating the concrete, thereby protecting the structure. It also plays an important role in preventing freeze-thaw damage, especially in regions with alpine weather conditions.

Red steel bridge sealed with Lucobridge against corrosion

Lucobridge®: Easy to use, waterproof, safe

Lucobridge® is a high-quality, friction-locking and waterproof sealing system for steel and concrete bridges and consists of the combination of a polymer sealing membrane, which is on the bridge side with an adhesive system (concrete-polymer welding membrane / steel-polyster fleece as an adhesive anchor for epoxy or hot bitumen bonding) and on the asphalt side a heat protection Polyester fleece is provided. Lucobridge® thus creates a reliable, single-layer seal for steel and/or concrete under various types of asphalt surfaces.

In our experience, the service life of a bridge that has been sealed with Lucobridge® is significantly extended by a significant period of time, during which no maintenance work due to leaking insulation has to be planned.

Lucobridge®: Economical and durable

Modern sealing systems for bridges, such as those developed by LUCOBIT AG, are able to absorb high static loads. They are resistant to chemicals and adhere excellently to concrete or steel. These systems are flexible and can follow the natural movements of the bridge without losing their sealing properties.

Type-specific sealing membranes exist for steel and concrete bridges, which are applied directly to the surface to be protected after surface activation. Lucobridge® PV for steel bridges and Lucobridge® PV-BIT for concrete bridges.

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Features and benefits of Lucobridge®

  • Force-fitting and waterproof seal
  • High resistance to static loads
  • Flexible, compensating response to bridge movement
  • High resistance to chemical influences
  • Excellent behavior at low temperatures
  • High resistance to perforation
  • Excellent bridge sealing for concrete cracks
  • Excellent adhesion to pre-treated surface
  • Excellent behavior during temperature fluctuations
Two hands full of black plastic granules from Lucobridge


ProductUV ExposureElongation at Break (23°C, 50% r.h. press plate)MVR, 190° C, 2,16 kgCold FlexibilityTear Strength (23°C, 50% r.h. press plate)Downloads
Lucobit 1233> 5000 h-4,5< - 40-
Lucobit 1233TR> 5000 h-4,5< - 40-
Lucobit 1235> 5000 h-4,5< - 40-
Lucobridge PV-----

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