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Flat roofs: Lucobit®, Lucolit®, Lucofin® – tried and tested construction principles for green roofs

Flat roofs undoubtedly have an eventful past and are still one of the most ecologically and economically sensible roof coverings of our time. As convincing proof of the quality and absolute suitability as roof waterproofing, several million square meters of flat roof membranes have been lying almost undamaged on the roofs of Germany for decades. And every year several million m² are added.

Flat roofs can demonstrably influence the local microclimate, depending on whether and how the flat roof is colored, whether it is a gravel roof or whether, as a green roof, it makes a maximum contribution to maintaining a healthy living environment. If additional solar systems are installed, the ecological footprint becomes smaller and smaller. However, the basic prerequisite for a successful roof sealing membrane is the reliable and long-lasting sealing of the flat roof. Plastics from LUCOBIT AG have been used successfully for this purpose for decades.

Planted flat roofs of residential buildings made of plastics for roof waterproofing from LUCOBIT

New plastics for long-lasting and resilient flat roofs

In the past, LUCOBIT AG has intensively and successfully developed new polymers for use as flat roof products. The experience accumulated over decades has flowed together with the latest findings about the requirements for modern roof sealing. The product families Lucobit®/ECB (ethylene copolymer bitumen), Lucolit®/EBT (ethylene butyl acrylate thermoplastic) and Lucofin®/TPO/FPO (thermoplastic/flexible polyolefins) therefore represent modern flat roof plastics that meet today's requirement profile contemporary roof sealing needs to be met. Various companies use the raw materials supplied by LUCOBIT AG to manufacture the waterproofing membranes they sell independently, including extensive moulded parts for easy installation, such as corners, connections, drains and ventilators.

All of our products have remarkable flexibility combined with excellent strength over a wide temperature range, so that the membranes can withstand both winter cold and summer heat without any problems. The extensive stabilization of the products is designed for a long period of time. This affects UV radiation and temperature stress; thermal and UV degradation is largely prevented.

Last but not least, our polymers for flat roof membranes can enhance the appearance of your building. They offer an attractive surface, are available in a variety of colors and help ensure that your roof is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. The sheets are thermoplastically welded and secured in position using load or mechanical fastening. The products are ecologically neutral and not harmful to the environment. There are extensive life cycle assessments, objective assessments and EPDs.

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The right sealing membrane for every case

All materials (Lucobit®, Lucolit®, Lucofin®) are manufactured by the manufacturers into roofing and sealing membranes for applications:

  • Flat roof – industrial and private
  • Green roofs (intensive, extensive)
  • Building seals (cold stores, barrier membrane)
  • Landfill construction
  • Ponds and swimming pools
  • Road and bridge sealing
  • Tunnel construction

Features and benefits of Lucobit®, Lucolit®, Lucofin® 

  • Flexible membranes with a proven durability of more than 60 years
  • Long-term experience in the roofing and waterproofing membrane market
  • Wide range of colors
  • Versatile application
  • Recyclable – concepts exist and are lived
Black plastic granules on a white background


ProductUV ExposureElongation at Break (23°C, 50% r.h. press plate)MVR, 190° C, 2,16 kgCold FlexibilityTear Strength (23°C, 50% r.h. press plate)Downloads
Lucobatch 1410-1455MB_E-----
Lucobatch 1410-t3> 5000 h----
Lucobatch 1412 FR-HI> 5000 h-2,5< - 40-
Lucobatch 1412MB_E> 5000 h--< - 40-
Lucobatch 1412-t3 HI> 5000 h--< - 40-
Lucobatch 1412-t3 MB70> 5000 h--< - 40-
Lucobatch 1413-t3 HI> 5000 h--< - 40-
Lucobatch 1455MB_E> 5000 h--< - 40-
Lucobatch 1850 T10> 5000 h-2,2< - 40-
Lucobit 1218> 5000 h--< - 40-
Lucobit 1233> 5000 h-4,5< - 40-
Lucobit 1233TR> 5000 h-4,5< - 40-
Lucobit 1235> 5000 h-4,5< - 40-
Lucofin 1410> 5000 h--< - 40-
Lucofin 1410 M> 5000 h>5005< - 40>7
Lucofin 1410-1414-t1> 5000 h--< - 40-
Lucofin 1410-1414-t2> 5000 h--< - 40-
Lucofin 1410-1414-t3> 5000 h--< - 40-
Lucofin 1410-1455> 5000 h--< - 40-
Lucofin 1410-t1-t3> 5000 h--< - 40-
Lucofin 1411> 5000 h--< - 40-
Lucofin 1411 M> 5000 h> 5005< - 40> 7
Lucofin 1411-t1-t3> 5000 h--< - 40-
Lucofin 1412> 5000 h--< - 40-
Lucofin 1412 M> 5000 h> 5005< - 40> 7
Lucofin 1412-t1-t3> 5000 h--< - 40-
Lucofin 1413> 5000 h--< - 40-
Lucofin 1413-t1-t3> 5000 h--< - 40-
Lucofin 1414> 5000 h--< - 40-
Lucofin 1414-t1-t3> 5000 h--< - 40-
Lucofin 1415> 5000 h-5< - 40-
Lucofin 1453> 5000 h--< - 40-
Lucofin 1454> 5000 h--< - 40-
Lucofin 1455 M> 5000 h> 5005< - 40> 7
Lucofin 1455P> 5000 h--< - 40-
Lucolit 1310> 5000 h-9< - 40-
Lucolit 1320> 5000 h-9< - 40-
Lucolit 1321> 5000 h-9< - 40-
Lucolit 1322> 5000 h-9< - 40-
Lucolit 1323> 5000 h-9< - 40-

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