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LUCOBIT AG appoints Mr. Rinos Muchenagumbo as Chief Sales Officer

LUCOBIT AG is pleased to announce the promotion of Mr. Rinos Muchenagumbo to Chief Sales Officer as of 01.01.2024. Mr. Muchenagumbo has already been successfully working as Vice President Sales at LUCOBIT AG for some time and has contributed significantly to the success of the sales team during this time.

In his previous position as Vice President Sales, Mr. Muchenagumbo distinguished himself through his strategic thinking, leadership skills and deep understanding of customer needs. His contribution to the development and implementation of effective sales strategies was crucial to the growth of LUCOBIT AG in the global market.

Mr. Muchenagumbo's appointment as Chief Sales Officer underscores the company's confidence in his abilities and outstanding performance. In his new role, he will now assume overall responsibility for increasing sales, developing new business opportunities and strengthening customer relationships.

The Management Board of LUCOBIT AG is convinced that Mr. Muchenagumbo will continue to make a significant contribution to the company's success. His expertise, his many years of experience in the industry and his commitment to excellence will help to further strengthen LUCOBIT AG's position.

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LUCOBIT AG appoints Mr. Rinos Muchenagumbo as Chief Sales Officer