Key Features of Luxbit®

The selection of the binder is the key to the main properties of the finished mastic asphalt. Our hard bitumen Luxbit® is distinguished by its excellent product properties.

Luxbit® shows typical properties of a hard bitumen (e. g. hardness and brittleness) - even at difficult outside temperatures. Luxbit® is particularly suitable for the production of mastic asphalt screeds in accordance with DIN 18560, part 1 - 7, e. g:
  • In residential and commercial buildings
  • In industrial buildings, e. g. screed under parquet flooring
  • In gymnasiums, hospitals or kindergartens
  • In agricultural buildings

Mechanically or chemically stressed screed, which is produced with Luxbit®, can generally be used as a basis for various floor coverings and is therefore suitable for further surface treatment.