Injection moulding is the mother of all processes for dealing with plastics. Here, the desired polymer – neat or compounded with others- is melted and shaped in a respective injection moulding machine. The molten plastic hardens within the tool’s cavity in a custom-made form on cooling with the pre-determined surface structure. Consequently, this process generates quality products in large numbers in a very cost-efficient way. With injection moulding, great flexibility with respect to the product’s shape and surface structure is obtained. Thus, smooth or grained surfaces as well as a great variety of color schemes or any other desired surface feel is possible.

Injection moulding’s economics renders this process to one of the most widespread for many end-user applications. LUCOBIT AG’s Lucofin® products are well suited for injection moulding applications either neat or compounded: our thermoplastic copolymer based on ethylene and butylacrylate (EBA) depicts incredible versatility ranging from flexibility, high temperature stability, chemical resistance etc. to name only a few.