LUCOBIT AG markets specialty plastics based on flexible polyolefin copolymers under the trade name Lucofin®. For many years, these proved to be again and again as high quality products our customers learned to appreciate and value.

Over time, we added grafted, non-grafted and specialty grades to our product portfolio. Many of our customers tested them and showed their exemplary cost-effectiveness retaining expected characteristics in most applications compared to other alternatives fulfilling the required technical specifications. Especially in comparison to other plastomers, Lucofin® EBA’s proved to be the superior solution.

The following Figure illustrates and exemplifies key properties and the resulting advantages of Lucofin® 1400 HN, 1400 MN, 1400 PN and their grafted equivalents. Taking these factors into account, cost effectiveness of Lucofin® EBA’s becomes apparent and consequently constitutes the best solution.