Foams: with or without crosslinking, extruded or moulded, physically or chemically foamed, batch or continuous process. LUCOBIT products are suitable for any foam application. They provide:

They provide:
  • Low compression set
  • Exceptional cushioning characteristics
  • Means of controlling foam's cell size
  • Excellent low temperature behaviour
  • High COF

The majority of LUCOBIT products are based on EBA = Ethylenebutylacrylate. The repeat unit of this copolymer is shown in the figure. This structure explains many of its unique properties.

Name Material Color MFR Shore A Product Info Security Info
Lucofin 1400HN EBA (16% BA) natural
90 Download Download
Lucofin 1400MN EBA (17% BA) natural
88 Download Download
Lucofin 1400MN Powder EBA (17% BA) natural,natural,natural
88 Download Download
Lucofin 1400PN EBA (17% BA) natural
90 Download Download