LDPE foams are semi-rigid. To bestow more softens without resiliency to LDPE foams, 10-50% polar copolymers are often added as part of the formulation. Suitable polar copolymers are ethylenebutylacrylate (EBA), ethylenemethylacrylate (EMA),… and ethylenevinylacetate (EVA). In order to be suitable there are specific applications and markets such as automotive, civil engineering and aerospace, where excellent low temperature properties are often required.

The polymer’s glass transition temperature (Tg) indicates the ‘transition’ from a hard and rigid to a rubber-like state. A low Tg therefore is important to retain soft and flexible characteristics at ambient conditions which constitute most applications.

EBA blended with LDPE is an excellent choice to produce soft and resilient foams retaining their properties at very low temperatures.

Applications for EBA/LDPE foams include, among many others, pipe insulations, expansion joints, gasket, and camping mats.

All LUCOBIT AG’s Lucofin® grades are based on EBA rendering them perfectly suited for use in all polyolefin foams especially in those foams requiring superior low temperature properties.