Key features

Lucobit®1210A consists of thermoplastic polyolefins, Lucobit®1210AC consists of thermoplastic polyolefins and elastomers.

Addition of Lucobit® to bitumen increases its viscosity and broadens the range of plasticity. Although the minimum value of the Fraass breaking point of Lucobit® is at least as low as for unmodified standard bitumen, the ring and ball softening point increases considerably depending on the proportion of Lucobit®1210A or Lucobit®1210AC added. Penetration values decline accordingly. Ductility determined according to DIN EN 12591 decreases. However, the values ascertained for the so-called ductility at low temperatures are usually more favorable than those for standard bitumen without addition of Lucobit®1210A or Lucobit®1210AC.