ADVANTAGES OF LUCOBIT PRODUCTS for asphalt modifications

Compared with other standard asphalt binders, Lucobit® 1210A displays significant advantages in improving resistance to deformation. Rut formation tests at high temperatures demonstrated that asphalt resists a two to three-fold load when modified with thermoplastics or, alternatively, altered binder viscosity. We have combined both approaches in one product: Lucobit®. The low temperature properties of Lucobit 1210A and 1210AC modified asphalt also improve significantly.

Examples for applications:
  • S-wearing courses to ZTV-Asphalt StB
  • Poured asphalt, also on sloping surfaces (ramps)
  • Stone mastic asphalt
  • Special asphalt surfaces, e.g. porous asphalt
  • Thin bituminous wearing courses (hot laying)