LUCOBIT AG products are the right choice for compounding, e.g. Cable & Wire compounds or masterbatch. Fillers, HFFR additives, colour pigments and other additives can be easily added. Here some examples why Lucofin® is used in compounding:

  • Easy processability and high melt strength
  • High filler loading capacity e.g. ATH (Aluminum trihydrate), MDH (Magnesium dihydroxide), HFFR, chalk, carbon black…
  • Extrusion melt temperature up to 300 °C resulting in increased production output
  • Limited ageing at elevated temperatures
  • US FDA and European Food Approval Certificates
  • Bestow flexibility and impact resistance and/or softness to otherwise brittle polymers e.g. PA, PA/ABS, PBT, PET,…
  • Easily applied through all known crosslinking processes

The majority of LUCOBIT AG products are based on EBA = Eth-ylenebutylacrylate. The repeat unit of this copolymer is shown in the Figure to your right. This structure explains many of its unique properties as explained on the next page.
Name Material Farbe MFR Shore A Produktinfo Sicherheitsinfo
Lucofin 1400HN EBA (16% BA) natural
90 Download Download
Lucofin 1400MN EBA (17% BA) natural
88 Download Download
Lucofin 1400MN Powder EBA (17% BA) natural,natural,natural
88 Download Download
Lucofin 1400PN EBA (17% BA) natural
90 Download Download
Lucofin 1492MHG Mah grafted EBA (17% BA) natural
- Download Download