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Basell Polyolefine GmbH - B100
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Sealing technology is a main area of application for our materials. For over 30 years, plastic seals with ECB and TPO/FPO have signalled lasting and reliable quality for construction and excavation and have been established as an economically and ecologically useful alternative to other materials (e.g. PVC, bitumen).

Up till now, more than 140 million square metres of sealing membranes based on Lucobit®, Lucolit® and Lucofin® have been laid across the world.

On top of their durability and environmental friendliness, ECB- and TPO/FPO seals are also characterised through simple installation and their welding seam which can be created using only hot air.

Our range of materials for sealing technology includes two areas:

  • Plastic roof and seal membranes (flat roof construction, new construction and renovation, roof greenery, structural seals)
  • Plastic sealing membranes in excavation for special applications (e.g. tunnels, bridges, waste sites, swimming pools, water retainers, etc.)